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About DataOhio

Ohio Data, Ohio Innovation. Data has the ability to provide insight and to drive Ohio’s leaders towards actionable outcomes that can transform the way we work and live. By harnessing the power that data holds, we have the ability to improve the lives of all Ohioans.

Governor DeWine signed the InnovateOhio Platform Executive Order (2019-15D) in April of 2019, which uses a common technology platform to charter a path towards a better and stronger Ohio. One of the anticipated technologies utilizing this common platform is the DataOhio Portal, the first of its kind in State technology; which acts as an interactive window into Ohio’s secured data-sharing platform. The DataOhio Portal displays the platform’s public datasets and facilitates the request, approval and delivery of secured datasets. With the ability to easily browse and view data, the Portal allows the public to access information with transparency and ease, thereby improving customer interactions with state agencies and institutions. Each dataset provides state leadership, policymakers and communities with new insights which can be used to facilitate innovative solutions to the complex problems that Ohioans face.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Data is a shared strategic asset for both operational and analytical purposes.

  • Data is secured and protected from unauthorized use and disclosure.

  • Data is governed by accountable entities, and state agencies are responsible for maintaining ownership of and stewardship for their data assets.

  • Data is reusable and should be integrated once with the highest possible level of granularity as to support multiple use cases.

  • Data is interoperable and value is multiplied when data sets are linked across programs and organizations.

Begin your journey on the DataOhio Portal by reading the latest DataOhio Project findings, browsing the data catalog on the View All Data page, and exploring visual insights. See how Ohio data is creating Ohio innovation.



Explore the possibilities that data offers. DataOhio has combined the powers of technology and data to make information available to those that want to build the tools that make Ohio a better place. Access publicly available APIs via DataOhio or use the data to build your own.



Search and browse data like never before. DataOhio is the first-of-its-kind online catalog containing research, news and data which was previously unavailable to the public. Access data for your own analysis or create customized views utilizing the portal’s visualization function.

Policy Makers

Policy Makers

Make insightful decisions based on real data. DataOhio collects and provides information from state agencies and entities to help Ohio leadership make informed decisions. Apply analytical-based insights from curated reports and visualizations to determine what actions will improve Ohio's communities and the lives of its citizens.


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