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Welcome to the DataOhio Portal
Welcome to the DataOhio Portal

Welcome to the DataOhio Portal

Lt. Governor Husted, leading the InnovateOhio efforts, in partnership with the Department of Health (ODH), the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (DRC), the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), and the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS), is pleased to launch the DataOhio Portal. 

The DataOhio Portal is a public-facing portal that displays public datasets hosted on the InnovateOhio Platform. The introduction of the portal ushers in a new era of innovation, customer service, and analytical insight for the state of Ohio.

The DataOhio Portal is a first of its kind state technology that allows state agency and government stakeholders, as well as the general public, access to key State of Ohio data and associated reports. The Portal contains some of the most-requested public datasets, allowing for unprecedented transparency and access across the state of Ohio.

The DataOhio Portal delivers value for partners and the public:

  • Increases transparency by significantly expanding access to key State of Ohio data
  • Empowers the public by putting data into the hands of key partners, local governments, researchers, reporters and citizens
  • Informs policy and State programs to better serve Ohio communities

The DataOhio Portal’s key functions and features for state agencies and partners ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient experience, including:

  • Data organized in an intuitive catalog that provides detailed descriptions and the ability to access, share and save specific datasets
  • “Made with Ohio Data” projects feature stories and reports on the collaborative, innovative ways data has been used to improve our communities
  • Streamlined process to request access to secured datasets
  • Interactive data visualizations to view data in a more consumable way and allow users to analyze data most relevant to them
  • A secure and traceable data sharing experience for state agencies and their partners

The DataOhio Portal will continue to undergo capability enhancements and provide additional datasets. Ultimately, the DataOhio Portal aims to be the go-to for all State of Ohio data,  as envisioned by the DeWine-Husted administration via Executive Order 2019-15D.

Begin your journey with Ohio Innovation.