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Provider Search Tool

Background and Summary

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), dedicated to improving the lives of Ohioans with developmental disabilities (DD), offers an online search tool on the DODD website. DODD’s Provider Search tool, built and powered by ARCGIS technology, is the primary platform for County Boards of DD, individuals, families, and other entities to search for different types of DD service providers. 

The Provider Search is an interactive map which allows users to easily filter and drill down to specific results, based on search criteria such as address, zip code, or only providers accepting new clients. Users are able to filter the search to several distinct provider types, including:

  • Agency
  • County Board
  • Intermediate Care Facility
  • Waiver Homes
  • Independent

As users select and input query criteria which populate in their search, an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliance report also populates with provider results, equipping users with critical information about any given provider’s compliance history.

Data Used to Power the Tool

The Provider Search tool uses DODD data from the Provider Management System as the main data source which is leveraged with geocoding sourced from the ARCGIS system. When combined, the portal allows for an interactive map feature, with various mapping features in addition to filtered searches.

The data is refreshed daily to ensure that Ohioans are receiving the most up-to-date results.  

Delivering Transparency and Peace-of-Mind 

DODD serves over 90,000 individuals and their families throughout Ohio with developmental disabilities. The search tool easily connects these individuals and families with Ohio’s 10,000+ DD service providers and shows the availability and/or capacity of the service provider and facility. The ease of access and transparency that the tool offers families is a critical aspect of DODD’s commitment to Ohioans. 

By offering an intuitive, user-friendly search tool for providers, DODD has created more value-added time for its employees; rather than spending time making multiple calls to providers and DODD’s call center, families can use the interactive search tool to make quick and informed decisions for their loved ones, which also frees up DODD phone lines. By leveraging the most up-to-date service provider information, DODD provides Ohioans with fast, transparent, and high-quality services.