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Fresh Start Act: Criminal Offense Licensing Database

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As enacted by the 133rd General Assembly in HB 263, the Fresh Start Act prohibits any state licensing authority that licenses under Title XLVII or any Ohio Occupation or Professional License from refusing to issue to an individual an initial license to engage in any profession, occupation, or occupational activity regulated by the licensing authority solely due to a criminal conviction, criminal charge, nonspecific qualifications based on morals, or disqualifying offense.  It requires an agency to consider the offense and circumstance prior to any denial.   Licensing authorities are also required by ORC 9.79 to establish and publish a list of specific criminal offenses for which a conviction, judicial finding of guilt, or plea of guilty may disqualify an individual from obtaining a license.  

On June 30 of each year, licensing authorities are required to submit data regarding its license applications, denials, and crimination convictions pursuant to ORC 9.78 to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) from the past calendar year.  DAS is then required to post the data in a searchable format on the website.   



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