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Ohio Fish Stocking Records

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This dataset contains records of fish stocked by the ODNR Division of Wildlife from 1970 to present. The ODNR, Division of Wildlife (DOW) has statutory authority for managing the fish populations in public waters of Ohio. Many Ohio fish populations are sustained by natural reproduction (largemouth bass, crappies, bluegill); however, in some instances, stocking is required to maintain the fisheries of certain species. Fish stocking has been an important component of the DOW’s fisheries management approach since the inception of the agency as the Ohio Fish Commission in 1873. Stocking fish is a costly, though important, component of Ohio’s fisheries management programs. To maximize the benefits of this management practice in a cost-effective manner requires in-depth consideration of numerous factors.

Anglers desire a variety of different experiences from Ohio’s fisheries, and the overall goal among all of the fisheries managed by the DOW is to provide a variety of opportunities to meet angler expectations. Fisheries opportunities vary from completely harvest-oriented (i.e. rainbow trout and yellow perch), where anglers seek high catches of harvestable-size fish, to trophy fisheries (i.e. muskellunge), where anglers target, but generally do not harvest, large fish. A statewide management approach for all fisheries considers these expectations and seeks to provide a diversity of opportunities using a combination of harvest regulations and stocking approaches to satisfy the expectations of most anglers.

For more information, please download "Fish Stocking in Ohio" from the Reference Documentation section. The document includes further explanation on fish lifestages and how the DOW stocks Ohio's bodies of water.



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