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Youth Adjudicated or Committed for Felony Offense

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Youth adjudicated or committed to DYS for a felony offense is shown across fiscal years, by county. Demographic breakdowns are also shown by fiscal year and at the county level.

This Profile of Youth Adjudicated or Committed for Felony Offenses report, combined with reports from previous fiscal years, will be utilized in computing the county allocations for RECLAIM Ohio. All information contained in this report is obtained from the Statistical Report of Youth Adjudicated for Felony Offenses submitted by the 88 county juvenile courts and the DYS youth database.

This report profiles the youth adjudicated in Ohio's juvenile courts, excluding revocations. In this report, each youth is counted once per year per adjudicating county, regardless of the number of adjudications or DYS felony commitments. Since a youth may be committed to a DYS facility at a later date than their adjudication, adjudications and DYS felony commitments are counted separately in the fiscal year in which they occured.

The Department of Youth Services wishes to thank the 88 county juvenile courts for their cooperation in the submission of this information.




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